Common questions if you are after dentist CPD in Watford

As a dental professional, one of your major commitments to your patients is to remain up to date to all these academic and non-academic aspects of your profession that are essential for your development and the safety of your patients. CPD (short for Continuing Professional Development) is as necessary for dental professionals as for other professionals, since it is your duty to maintain, develop and perfect your dental and social skills.

Dentist CPD in WatfordMoreover, being a dentist means that you adhere to the behaviour standards set by your profession, so you can provide the best treatment and care to your patients. These aspects are also explored in CPD.

Undertaking dentist CPD in Watford is compulsory for dental professionals who are registered with the GDC (General Dental Council). To maintain your registration as a member of the Council, you must meet the requirements set for professional development by providing sufficient evidence. At Wisbora Conferences, we provide high-quality dental training and dentist CPD in Watford for dentists, dental nurses, dental hygienists and dental technicians among others.

What does the CPD scheme entail?

CPD was developed for professional advancement and patient safety. We take patient safety really seriously and for this reason, we require dental professionals to remain updated on all aspects of dentistry and safety regulations as set by the law. Continuous professional education can take the form of courses and lectures, peer reviews, training days, e-learning activities or even participation in conferences and other activities promoting further dental education.

In order to be successful, all dental professionals should complete a minimum of CPD hours. The amount of hours involved in educational activities depends on whether you are a dentist or a registered dental professional (i.e. nurse, hygienist). Dentists should undertake 250 hours or CPD training within five years, whereas nurses and hygienists have to spend less time on CPD training over the course of five years.

Making good CPD decisions

The GDC has specific standards on the CPD training that each dental professional should undertake, therefore making useful CPD decisions is a part of the process. If you are unsure where to start, visit our webpage and learn more about our philosophy and events.

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